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Blerd Radio 2013 | Episde 20: Jann Wenner Can Bite Me (Part 1)

In case ya missed it, nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Class Of 2014 were announced several weeks ago. The list includes The Paul Butterfield Band, Chic, Deep Purple, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, Kiss, LL Cool J, The Meters, NWA, Nirvana, Linda Ronstadt, The Replacements, Cat Stevens, Link Wray, Yes and The Zombies. 

Being the pop culture (specifically music) gluttons that we are, we couldn't resist the urge to talk about the nominees, and we talked SO much about them (and the institution of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Museum) that we have yet another two-part podcast.

Of course, with the loss of Lou Reed over the weekend, we had to discuss that as well. In Part One, you'll hear:

-Why Big Money (and Cunningham)'s Lou Reed memories will always have at least a tangential tie-in to Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch

-Recommendations of the best work of Lou, both solo and with Velvet Underground, and a promise of mix CDs from Cunningham & Gonzo to Big Money.

-Will Link Wray or The Paul Butterfield Band be 2014's wild card?

(Gonzo also attempts to sing the Paul Butterfield Band's "Love March")

-Gonzo's woeful tale of being dragged to a latter-day Deep Purple concert.

-Cunningham's assertion that Sponge will find themselves in the HOF someday.

-A discussion about when Hall And Oates became cool with hipsters.

-Ice Cube's complete lack of gangsta credentials.

-Cunningham hates ABBA, Hall & Oates and KISS and is therefore a Communist.

-Gonzo and Big Money both appear to have trouble with the alphabet.

-A group version of an Aaron Neville impression, and the thought of a Neville/Barry Gibb duet.

-Gonzo's Fred Schneider impression!

-What Cat Stevens & Jim Morrison have in common.

-The introduction of the 5-year rule for prog rock bands

And so much more.

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