The Blerd Radio Podcast

With the regular team temporarily indisposed, the erstwhile Big Money joins forces with Bill Bodkin, the creator and editor-in-chief of Popblerd's sister site for what they hope will be an occasional podcast.

The resulting episode is a delightfully all-over-the-place conversation that, like most Blerd Radios of late, had to be cut into two parts. In Part One, you'll hear:

-A general State of the State of, including some sizzling interviews with today's biggest artists.

-Government shutdown my ass! Bill has a new job!

-Why Bill is your ultimate bachelor party guest.

-Kids, don't try 151 rum, you might end up passed out in someone's lap.

-Why don't they make 'em like Axl Rose anymore?

-You've heard of "Waiting For Godot?" Well, there was the one time Bill appeared in "Waiting For Grohl." correspondent Maxwell Barna has fine taste in cardigans.

-The new fall season is upon us! Bill is digging "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," but Mike can't watch.

-Meanwhile, Mike is digging "The Michael J. Fox Show,' but Bill can't watch.

Of course, there's tons more. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and hey, leave a nice comment for us on iTunes!

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