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Blerd Radio Presents: Constant Conversations

The new episode of Constant Conversations features writer/marketer/musician/metal Renaissance guy Seth Werkheiser

A wide-ranging, tangent filled conversation with Mike Joseph ensues, in which the following topics are covered:

-Seth, Mike, and the first Constant Conversations guest, GG, were all born within two weeks of one another (in the same year). May 1976 was a great time in history!

-One of Seth's current projects is the Workbench Podcast, and we carry over a discussion from one of his shows about credit card minimums. 

-Another one of the many things Seth has his hands in-#Metalbandcampgiftclub.

-If you don't think Seth has enough jobs, and if you're a fan of metal trivia, then you should also check out Skulltoaster.

-The metal word is an interesting and unusual place, filled with many odd band names. Why does the genre seem to have a near-monopoly on monikers like Couch Slut and Goatwhore?

-Perhaps contrary to the image presented by those band names, metal fans tend to be some of the most soft-spoken, genuinely nice music fans around (at least Mike thinks so). This phenomenon is also explored.

-A place with not as many soft-spoken, nice people? The internet. Why are people such assholes on social media?

-On the eve of 40th birthdays celebrated by both panelists, Seth and Mike discuss getting older, being a nomad, living without regrets, and tiny houses. No, seriously...tiny houses. 

-How many of you guys remember "back masking"? A movement that got Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and others in deep doo-doo is discussed.

-The podcast wraps up with Mike showing admiration for Seth's impressive facial hair situation.

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