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Blerd Radio Presents: Constant Conversations

The latest Constant Conversations podcast is a chat with Tristan More

Tristan, who works in the film industry, has his own blog and podcast called Interjections, and also happens to be connected (by a years-long friendship) to our last Constant Conversations guest, Mike Duquette.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Tristan and I talk about how his interest in film developed, and why he decided to do movie reviews on the internet. We also discuss the culture of reviewing and the fear some people have of developing a contrary opinion. We talk about about discovery in New York City (Tristan's one of those Jersey guys), how to handle horror movies, where the hell "DUMBO" is (and what it stands for!), why one maybe shouldn't date their friends, what happens to child stars, separating art from the person who makes art, and film reboots. 

A lot of ground to cover in just over an hour, but we do it! Enjoy the show!!

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