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Blerd Radio Presents Constant Conversations: Episode 3

The latest installment of the Constant Conversations podcast features Mike Joseph talking to John Hill, founder of the music blog Pop Music Notes. This particular discussion strays far from the confines of music and ventures into everything from sexuality to football (this episode was recorded prior to Super Bowl 50.)

Among the topics discussed:

John's nomadic existence, which has taken him everywhere from New York State to Miami to his current (and maybe forever?) home in Colorado.

Life as a newlywed, and getting married in the shadow of the DOMA.

The coming out process, and how younger queer men and women generally have a much easier adjustment than we "older folk" did, particularly in the shadow of the AIDS crisis.

The parallels between hip-hop and country music.

John's current side gig as a rodeo scorekeeper and how he ended up becoming a part of that culture.

Free-form radio, and how it was used as a tool to expose listeners to different types of music in its heyday.

The episode is concluded with a (not really) bold Super Bowl prediction. 

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