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Blerd Radio Volume Whatever, Episode 3: Roundball Soundoff Live! (AKA Ball Don't Lie)

For the latest episode of Blerd Radio, Big Money is joined by occasional co-host GG, as well as Jay and Marc who co-host the New York Knicks podcast ( Marc is forced to join the podcast via cell phone, which results in worse audio quality but no difference in piss and vinegar than if he was live. We discuss the worst NBA team names in history (inspired by the New Orleans Pelicans,) and the Knicks podcasters waste no time talking junk about the Brooklyn Nets. We also pay tribute to the basketball genius of Rasheed Wallace, wish Larry Bird a happy birthday, talk about the Kobe Assist statistic, and of course, we talk at length about our beloved (well, 75% beloved) Knickerbockers. Hell, there's even a Waiting for Godot reference!!

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