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Constant Conversations Podcast 1: GG

...and now, for something completely (well somewhat) different...

The Constant Conversations podcast is an offshoot of the Blerd Radio you know and love (which isn't going anywhere). This podcast is a one-on-one conversation between Mike Joseph (AKA Big Money) a rotating cast of guests. It will center on pop culture, but more how pop culture relates to every day life; things like aging, raising families, dealing with personal triumphs and challenges, and the changing world around us.

The first Constant Conversations guest is GG, who runs the website Fight Game Blog and its attendant podcast. He also runs the website GG and I (Mike) have known one another since 2002, meeting on the now-defunct That site was a precursor to much of the social media that exists today.

Topics discussed include the early days of social media and internet 2.0, young fatherhood, maintaining good relations with an ex in the wake of divorce, knowing when to leave a relationship, and growing older as a hip-hop fan.

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