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Our friends at Popdose introduced the Chart Attack format years ago. With their blessing, we have reactivated the brand and are now introducing you to Son Of Chart Attack! 

Big Money, Michael Parr (both Popdose and Chart Attack alumni), Dr. Z and Mike Cunningham the Packet Man are hopping in the wayback machine-as they often do-and counting down the top 10 of Billboard's Top Alternative Tracks chart for the week of 7/23/94. 

The Top 10 Singles That Week are (in reverse order)

"Big Empty" by Stone Temple Pilots

"Stay (I Missed You)" by Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories

"Selling The Drama" by Live

"Shine" by Collective Soul

"Prayer For The Dying" by Seal

"Girls & Boys" by Blur

"Black Hole Sun" by Soundgarden

"Vasoline" by Stone Temple Pilots

"Come Out And Play" by The Offspring

"Fall Down" by Toad The Wet Sprocket

In addition to discussions about each song, you'll also hear about:

-What each member of the panel was doing during the week in question; and which panelist got his first hint of nookie during the summer of '94.

-How Lisa Loeb spawned the birth of "adorkable".

-The awesomeness (or not) of the '90s alternative rock soundtrack.

-Billy Corgan's litigious nature.

-The one band on this list that each panelist has seen live (it's not who you'd expect).

-The uber-gay Pet Shop Boys remix of the #5 song on this list.

-The creepy, creepy, CREEPY "Black Hole Sun" video.

-The connection between one of the two Stone Temple Pilots songs on this list and parody rock band Green Jelly (admittedly, it's a stretch.)

-Offspring lead singer Dexter Holland and his head full of noodles (as opposed to Noodles, who is another member of The Offspring.)

-Why so many Toad The Wet Sprocket songs have the word "down" in the title.

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