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The latest Constant Conversations podcast is the first in which both participants were in the same place at the same time!

I'm proud to welcome Mike Duquette, proprietor and founder of The Second Disc, to the show. He and I have a lengthy history of being colleagues and friends, working together at Popdose and with Mike D. being a one-time Blerd Radio co-host. As it turns out, we have a lot to talk about.

Mike operates in a bit of a unique space, as a millennial with a marked interest in music and culture that predates his existence, and much of the first part of the conversation is devoted to that (with a lengthy sidebar into his love for "E.T.", a recent article that suggests that the title character is gay, and lazy/unnecessarily provocative "journalism".)

We also discuss the creation of The Second Disc (which is now a label imprint in addition to being a website), common misconceptions about people in his age range, finding a dream job, living in New York City while originating from the other side of the Hudson River, being an independent and responsible human, appreciating alternate perspectives, and our upcoming trip to Seattle for the EMP Pop Conference.

Also discussed-his and my friendship, which stalled out for about a year and a half, and coming to the realization that we both may have been kinda dumb (or at the very least overly prideful and stubborn.)

Mike also recommends the Netflix series "The Characters" (full disclosure: one episode features his girlfriend in a prominent supporting role) and the band The Hell Yeah Babies

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikeduquette.


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