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Hello friends! Mike and Thomas are back in the groove with another episode of the Jheri Curl Chronicles, our trip through every song that hit #1 (and #2) on Billboard Magazine's Top Soul Singles chart during the '80s. We are now fully into 1985, and there's a very tangled web involving many of the five songs we focus on in this episode.

Here are the songs we'll be covering:

"Missing You" by Diana Ross (former Motown artist, song was written by Lionel Richie, dedicated to Marvin Gaye, who'd died the year before)

"Nightshift" by The Commodores (current Motown artist, formerly employed Lionel Richie as lead singer/pianist/saxophonist, dedicated to Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson, who'd also died the year before).

"Back In Stride" by Maze featuring Frankie Beverley (a band mentored by Marvin Gaye)

"Rhythm of the Night" by DeBarge (Motown group)

"We Are The World" by USA For Africa (co-written by Lionel Richie and former Motown artist Michael Jackson; song written and sold with the intention of preventing large groups of people from dying)

Of course, a JCC podcast wouldn't be a JCC podcast without a ton of side trips; so you'll hear plenty of stuff about...other stuff that I won't share with you right now because I want you to listen to the podcast!


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Blerd Radio Presents: Constant Conversations

The latest Constant Conversations podcast is a chat with Tristan More

Tristan, who works in the film industry, has his own blog and podcast called Interjections, and also happens to be connected (by a years-long friendship) to our last Constant Conversations guest, Mike Duquette.

In our wide-ranging conversation, Tristan and I talk about how his interest in film developed, and why he decided to do movie reviews on the internet. We also discuss the culture of reviewing and the fear some people have of developing a contrary opinion. We talk about about discovery in New York City (Tristan's one of those Jersey guys), how to handle horror movies, where the hell "DUMBO" is (and what it stands for!), why one maybe shouldn't date their friends, what happens to child stars, separating art from the person who makes art, and film reboots. 

A lot of ground to cover in just over an hour, but we do it! Enjoy the show!!

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The latest Constant Conversations podcast is the first in which both participants were in the same place at the same time!

I'm proud to welcome Mike Duquette, proprietor and founder of The Second Disc, to the show. He and I have a lengthy history of being colleagues and friends, working together at Popdose and with Mike D. being a one-time Blerd Radio co-host. As it turns out, we have a lot to talk about.

Mike operates in a bit of a unique space, as a millennial with a marked interest in music and culture that predates his existence, and much of the first part of the conversation is devoted to that (with a lengthy sidebar into his love for "E.T.", a recent article that suggests that the title character is gay, and lazy/unnecessarily provocative "journalism".)

We also discuss the creation of The Second Disc (which is now a label imprint in addition to being a website), common misconceptions about people in his age range, finding a dream job, living in New York City while originating from the other side of the Hudson River, being an independent and responsible human, appreciating alternate perspectives, and our upcoming trip to Seattle for the EMP Pop Conference.

Also discussed-his and my friendship, which stalled out for about a year and a half, and coming to the realization that we both may have been kinda dumb (or at the very least overly prideful and stubborn.)

Mike also recommends the Netflix series "The Characters" (full disclosure: one episode features his girlfriend in a prominent supporting role) and the band The Hell Yeah Babies

You can follow Mike on Twitter @mikeduquette.


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The Constant Conversations Podcast: Episode 4

In the fourth episode of the Constant Conversation podcast, Mike Joseph talks to Bill Bodkin, the founder and editor of Topics of their discussion include the struggle to write as a career, Bill's life as a husband and new father, attempting to stay healthy as a diabetic, and the changing tides of pop culture.

Bill's work can be found at

He's on Twitter at @bodkinwrites. 

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Blerd Radio Presents Constant Conversations: Episode 3

The latest installment of the Constant Conversations podcast features Mike Joseph talking to John Hill, founder of the music blog Pop Music Notes. This particular discussion strays far from the confines of music and ventures into everything from sexuality to football (this episode was recorded prior to Super Bowl 50.)

Among the topics discussed:

John's nomadic existence, which has taken him everywhere from New York State to Miami to his current (and maybe forever?) home in Colorado.

Life as a newlywed, and getting married in the shadow of the DOMA.

The coming out process, and how younger queer men and women generally have a much easier adjustment than we "older folk" did, particularly in the shadow of the AIDS crisis.

The parallels between hip-hop and country music.

John's current side gig as a rodeo scorekeeper and how he ended up becoming a part of that culture.

Free-form radio, and how it was used as a tool to expose listeners to different types of music in its heyday.

The episode is concluded with a (not really) bold Super Bowl prediction. 

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Blerd Radio Presents: Constant Conversations

The new episode of Constant Conversations features writer/marketer/musician/metal Renaissance guy Seth Werkheiser

A wide-ranging, tangent filled conversation with Mike Joseph ensues, in which the following topics are covered:

-Seth, Mike, and the first Constant Conversations guest, GG, were all born within two weeks of one another (in the same year). May 1976 was a great time in history!

-One of Seth's current projects is the Workbench Podcast, and we carry over a discussion from one of his shows about credit card minimums. 

-Another one of the many things Seth has his hands in-#Metalbandcampgiftclub.

-If you don't think Seth has enough jobs, and if you're a fan of metal trivia, then you should also check out Skulltoaster.

-The metal word is an interesting and unusual place, filled with many odd band names. Why does the genre seem to have a near-monopoly on monikers like Couch Slut and Goatwhore?

-Perhaps contrary to the image presented by those band names, metal fans tend to be some of the most soft-spoken, genuinely nice music fans around (at least Mike thinks so). This phenomenon is also explored.

-A place with not as many soft-spoken, nice people? The internet. Why are people such assholes on social media?

-On the eve of 40th birthdays celebrated by both panelists, Seth and Mike discuss getting older, being a nomad, living without regrets, and tiny houses. No, seriously...tiny houses. 

-How many of you guys remember "back masking"? A movement that got Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne and others in deep doo-doo is discussed.

-The podcast wraps up with Mike showing admiration for Seth's impressive facial hair situation.

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Constant Conversations Podcast 1: GG

...and now, for something completely (well somewhat) different...

The Constant Conversations podcast is an offshoot of the Blerd Radio you know and love (which isn't going anywhere). This podcast is a one-on-one conversation between Mike Joseph (AKA Big Money) a rotating cast of guests. It will center on pop culture, but more how pop culture relates to every day life; things like aging, raising families, dealing with personal triumphs and challenges, and the changing world around us.

The first Constant Conversations guest is GG, who runs the website Fight Game Blog and its attendant podcast. He also runs the website GG and I (Mike) have known one another since 2002, meeting on the now-defunct That site was a precursor to much of the social media that exists today.

Topics discussed include the early days of social media and internet 2.0, young fatherhood, maintaining good relations with an ex in the wake of divorce, knowing when to leave a relationship, and growing older as a hip-hop fan.

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We weren't intending to give you back to back 30th anniversary episodes, but this podcast's topic was too good to pass up. Yes, boys and girls, we are talking The Cosby Show in our latest episode.

(and apologies for some audio issues on Big Money's end.)

Cliff and Clair Huxtable (and, of course, their kids,) entered our world in September 1984 and immediately changed the landscape of situation comedy. Cosby marked the first time an affluent Black American family was portrayed on TV, and because of Cosby's masterful way of mixing cultural education with everyday family occurrences, the Huxtables ruled the TV roots for five consecutive seasons-still a record for a sitcom (and one that is unlikely to ever be broken.)

In this episode, Big Money, Michael Parr, Dr. Z and Cunningham discuss the following:

-The argument that The Cosby Show didn't accurately portray Black American culture.

-What was the best of the (many) Cosby Show themes?

-How has no one made a Gordon Gartrelle knock off shirt yet?

-Cliff and Clair's influence, not only as Black professionals, but also as a couple that was still very much in love with one another.

-The entire panel's enduring crush on Phylicia Rashad, only trumped by the panel's enduring crush on Lisa Bonet.

-Why Cliff Huxtable's dad was The Cosby Show's secret weapon.

-Cosby's impressive list of satellite characters and guest stars. And we didn't even get around to discussing Vanessa's fast-talking friend Kara!

-Cosby's later years: Martin Kendall, Olivia, Cousin Pam, and the jumping of the shark.

-Off Cosby: "Angel Heart," Malcolm-Jamal Warner as jazz bassist, the Tempestt Bledsoe talk show, Guys With Kids,  Leonard Part 6Ghost Dad, and this photo:

Ghost Dad

-Cosby's place in the pantheon of legendary sitcoms.

-Our favorite episodes, with a special shout to "eh, mon!"



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