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It's Saturday, and that cold, empty feeling that comes with the work week is slowly melting away. How could it get any better? How 'bout a new episode of Blerd Radio for your ears to enjoy?

This episode has a fun little history. Regular co-host Dr. Gonzo suggested a great topic about film soundtracks, but had to bow out of recording. In his absence, Big Money, Mike Duquette and Michael Parr engaged the talents of another non-Mike: Dave Lifton, noted author and co-host of The Popdose Podcast. Together, the quartet engaged in the usual repartee of pop-cultural insights, current events (Taylor Swift being particularly prominent) and immature jokes in late October with an eye to releasing the episode by Halloween.

Of course, anyone who remembers the last week of October on the East Coast remembers the temporary power outages and other serious inconveniences offered by Superstorm Sandy; combine that with increasingly busy schedules (against the task of whittling down the group's rambling!), and it seemed as if the episode would never see the light of day. But, this once-lost episode is now found!

So sit back and relax as the Mikes (and Dave) wax nostalgic about their favorite soundtracks, as well as the (de)evolution of the soundtrack compilation as a whole and the memories that soundtrack songs are quick to conjure up. As a special treat, we've also dropped a Spotify playlist featuring some of the killer cuts we mentioned - the perfect antidote to hearing Parr, as always, greet Big Money with a hearty "Ssssssexual Chocolate!"

Enjoy this latest episode of Blerd Radio, and look for a new one sooner rather than later!

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