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Five years from now, there will probably be a group of music listeners who've never bothered to purchase a live album, and probably won't understand why anyone would (like "there was a world before there was an internet."

The old fogey of Blerd Radio (Mike JosephDr. Z and Michael Parr) remember live albums well. So well, in fact, that they spend an hour (roughly) talking about them.

In this latest edition of Blerd Radio, the panel discusses the following:

-The first episode of Blerd Radio actually recorded in 2016, the gang discusses their (relatively adult) New Year's evenings...well, relatively adult till the vomit shows up.

-The subtle difference between a "live album" and a "concert recording".

-Blerd Radio Gets Jazzy! The discussion starts back in the pre-rock era, when live albums were commonplace, as large parts of the music buying audience had no way to see or hear their favorite artist live.

-One topic that weaves its way throughout the podcast is the modern era's dependence on visual spectacle, and how that (combined with easily accessible live video) has contributed to the downfall of the live album.

-How many careers were started via live albums? We think of two: one of them spits fire and has a member with a ridiculously long tongue. The other is Cheap Trick.

-Have any major artists gone their entire career without releasing a live record? The answer may stick you.

-Guess what? Blerd Radio is looking for interns? Actually, they're not, but a search for a trivia answer leads the panel to consider the idea.

-What are each panelist's favorite live albums? In an eerie bit of timing, David Bowie's "David Live" is mentioned and saluted, even though the rock icon hadn't passed when the episode was recorded.

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Constant Conversations Podcast 1: GG

...and now, for something completely (well somewhat) different...

The Constant Conversations podcast is an offshoot of the Blerd Radio you know and love (which isn't going anywhere). This podcast is a one-on-one conversation between Mike Joseph (AKA Big Money) a rotating cast of guests. It will center on pop culture, but more how pop culture relates to every day life; things like aging, raising families, dealing with personal triumphs and challenges, and the changing world around us.

The first Constant Conversations guest is GG, who runs the website Fight Game Blog and its attendant podcast. He also runs the website GG and I (Mike) have known one another since 2002, meeting on the now-defunct That site was a precursor to much of the social media that exists today.

Topics discussed include the early days of social media and internet 2.0, young fatherhood, maintaining good relations with an ex in the wake of divorce, knowing when to leave a relationship, and growing older as a hip-hop fan.

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Happy New Year fam!

Blerd Radio is celebrating going back to 1983!

Me (Big Money)Dr. Z and Michael Parr hop in the handy-dandy Blerd Radio time machine (which logged a lot of mileage in 2015) and land in the year that gave us Return of The Jedi and these ten tasty jams from the adult contemporary chart. Of course, no Blerd Radio episode is as simple as just counting down 10 songs, so here's just a sample of what gets discussed over the hour or so you'll (hopefully) spend listening.

-What exactly constitutes a double whiskey? And why is it so dirty?

-Parr is the first of the trio to see Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, and he has a breathless review.

-Now, it's on to the purpose of the podcast: a trip in the time machine. We dive right in to Air Supply's "Two Less Lonely People In The World" and some very divergent opinions in regards to the Aussie schlockmeisters.

-Jim Steinman, who produced Air Supply's really big hit of 1983 (not "Two Less Lonely People In The World"), also comes up in conversation.

-We compare James Ingram (favorably) to club soda, and discuss how Patti Austin & James' "Baby Come To Me" gained new life as a result of General Hospital.

-Major realization: the same cast of musicians played on a solid chunk of this top ten list, and a lot of them came from Toto. More on them in a minute.

-This particularly impression-heavy podcast features impersonations of Michael McDonald, Barry Gibb, and Paul McCartney. Needless to say, we were all drinking heavily during this recording.

-We give props to our friend Julian Velard, who does a mean version of "Africa" in his live show, and apparently covers Steely Dan's "Peg" as well. (the #7 song is "Africa" and #8 is "I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)" by the Dan's Donald Fagen.

-The soap opera bug strikes again with Crystal Gayle & Eddie Rabbitt's "You & I", which gained legs via another ABC serial, and shed some light on that country music capital, Brooklyn.

-Uh, there's a Supertramp song here. No one is particularly enthused.

-The most laborious setup in Blerd Radio history (and that's saying something) leads to our #4 song, Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out", which was nominated for a Record of the Year Grammy...and lost to Toto. Dang it.

-We discuss whether "Truly" (#3) or "Hello" is Lionel Richie's nadir, and also discuss the sequence of songs that led to "Truly" and "Hello"'s existence. It's a tale of adult contemporary woe.

-Talking about Lionel Richie leads to a discussion about Kenny Rogers, which leads to a discussion about The Bee Gees, which leads to...our #2 song, Dionne Warwick's "Heartbreaker".

-...and then we talk about "That's What Friends Are For" and the Psychic Friends Network. We're not very happy about either of those things. Oh, and someone impersonates a harmonica.

-In conclusion, we celebrate the man who owned 1983 (and has probably taken up more aural space on our podcasts than any other human), the inimitable Michael Jackson. "The Girl Is Mine" is the #1 song on the chart, and the Michael/Macca teaming draws comparisons to other not-quite-sterling pop collabos.

-And that's it! We're back in 2016 (actually, 2015 when this was recorded). You can listen below, or you can stream it on Liberated Syndication. You can also download the podcast in mp3 format to listen to anytime you want, and/or you can follow us on Ye Olde iTunes and have new episodes downloaded to your laptop or phone whenever they pop up.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for the next Blerd Radio podcast!

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